I'm not fat, I'm fluffy,
(after all, round is a shape!)
My 'fluffiness' doesn't bother me;
in fact, I'm making a motivational tape.

It will supply some comebacks
for other felines, such as me,
when they are told to diet
by those that plainly can't see...

That we are quite happy, thank you,
with the 'shape' that we are in.
We just don't feel the need
to be oh, so fashionably thin.

Oh, true, we enjoy our tuna,
and other delectable treats.
But we have more to do each day
than worry about our 'eats'.

We have grooming to schedule
and naps to be sure and get done.
We have birds to watch in the yard
and then there's basking in the sun.

That names just a few
of our activities each day,
so our many, (many) meals
are just another weigh...

WAY! I mean way! MEOW!
Now why did I make that slip?
Excuse me, I think it's snack time.
After that, here I come, CATNIP!

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